The Westwood Club is a non-profit corporation founded in 1963 to maintain and operate a community, social, recreational health center for the sole and exclusive use and benefit of it's members. The Club maintains a 13-acre facility in the town of Rancho Bernardo, in the city of San Diego, California. The Westwood Club focuses on providing an inviting setting for families to enjoy with their neighbors, friends and guests.

The Staff:

Steve Fluss             Club Manager

Nora Kessler          Programs Director/Assistant Manager

Reed Reichert        ARC Director

Nancy DaSilva        Preschool Director

Ramon Pina          Maintenance Supervisor

Hours of Operation:

Spring Hours: 8am-10pm daily (begins with Daylight Savings)

Summer Hours: 7am-10pm weekdays; 8am-10pm weekends

Fall Hours: 8am-10pm daily

Winter Hours: 8am-9pm Mon-Sat; 8am-6pm Sundays (begins at end of Daylight Savings)

**Please Note: the Pool and Fitness Center close 1 Hour prior to club close every day**

Some things to DO at the Club:

-DO have fun. There are many recreational activities to enjoy at the Club. 

-DO bring your membership card. Showing your card at the office provides easy entrance and provides you the ability to borrow sports equipment for use a the club.

-DO watch your language. As a facility dedicated to family friendly activities, profanity is not tolerated.

-DO ride your bicycle, scooter or skateboard to the Club, but bring a chain to lock them to the bicycle rack. Wheeled vehicles may not be used inside the club.

Some DON'Ts at the Club:

-DON'T bring glass. Broken glass is a danger to all and is difficult to clean up. Use a plastic pitcher instead of glass. Aluminum trays are a great substitute for glass baking dishes. If you must bring glass of any kind, please keep it secure and transfer the contents to a paper plate or plastic cup for consumption.

-DON'T bring your pet. Pets and their waste can be dangerous to those with allergies. No pets allowed.

-DON'T bring "radio controlled" devices to the Club. Drones, airplanes, cars, etc. can accidentally go astray and injure someone.