1. Complete the application form:

Please legibly complete all requested information. Have your neighbors review your plans and sign the form. No exterior improvement can proceed without the prior written approval of the Architectural Control Committee.

2. Additions/remodels and structures, including patio covers:
Submit a plan showing the location of proposed new construction in relation to existing structures. Include building plans showing exterior elevations, with construction details such as dimensions, materials, and colors.
For additions or major remodels, we require professionally rendered architectural drawings.

3. Hardscaping and Landscaping:
Submit a plan showing location, type and size of hardscaping (patios etc.) and any plantings. Drainage must be indicated if original drainage pattern is disturbed. Include irrigation plans.

4. Exterior Painting:
Submit color chips and indicate which are for main and trim.

5. Re-roofing, Shake roof will not be approved.
For other materials, submit a sample tile/shingle or a color picture of the material along with your application.

6. Swimming pools and/or spas:
Submit a plan showing: location in relation to property lines and existing structures and details for landscape and hardscape surrounding the pool.

7. Fences:
Submit information on the height, location, and style of fence. Also include information on the proposed finish, including paint/stain swatches.

8. Other Exterior Improvements:
If an item affects your property's exterior. please contact the Westwood Club and ask if you need to complete the Architectural Approval process.

Submit your completed application and all required backup materials to:
Architectural Control, Westwood Club
17394 West Bernardo Drive
San Diego, CA 92127

Or via fax: (858) 485-6923