Becoming a member:

     Once your escrow has closed or your lease has been signed, bring a copy of your paperwork to the Club (not on Holidays and during special events). We will take your picture and issue your membership card. Owners' families first cards are included in their transfer fee, renters cards are $5 per card. All replacement cards are $5.

    CHILDREN WILL BE ISSUED THEIR FIRST CARD WHEN THEY TURN SIX. When the big day arrives, bring your six year old to the Club Office and we will issue him or her their first card. The card will be needed to check out sports equipment and join in our mini camps for members only at the Club. Children will be issued a new card at the age of 13 and again at 18. Children under six must be accompanied by an adult or a responsible teenager. Children who come to the Club unaccompanied are not supervised by Club staff unless they are part of an organized Club activity.

    SHOWING YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD AT THE CLUB IS A BIGGIE! All members can help us keep our club private and safe by showing the Membership Card for admittance. EVERY member of a family ages six and over must show a valid WWC card, even when entering together.

    GUEST CARDS are issued three per household per year (36 guests). After the dues are paid, they may be picked up at the Club Office along with your renewal stickers for your cards. A $5 fee will be charged for guests WITHOUT guest cards. Children under 6 are free. You must accompany your guests at the Club. Guest cards are not transferable and expire June 30th of each year. Lost guest cards can be replaced for a $50 fee. Only eight guests per day per household, please, unless you've made prior arrangements with the Club staff. Members under the age of 18 will be restricted to a maximum of 2 guests per day and will be required to use a guest pass (cash will not be accepted).

    ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIPS are available to Rancho Bernardo residents (per Club's approved boundaries) for an annual fee (roughly 30% higher than the annual dues for regular members). Associate Membership spaces are limited and a waiting list may exist. Check with the Office manager for more details.

    ADDITIONAL RESIDENTS: A person living in a member's home for an extended period of time, who is not part of the immediate family, is an Additional Resident. Grown children of members who move back home are NOT considered Additional Residents until they are married. Please check with the Office if you have any questions. There is a $20/year fee per adult and no charge for children (except the $5 for their card).