Preschool Classes

Preschool image 3 Our Classes

 Each day, our classes integrate skills from all learning domains: social and emotional, cognitive, language,   and fine/gross motor with strong emphasis on group and social learning. Children are introduced to the classroom   through teacher led learning centers. They spend time getting to know our teachers and their classmates through song   and play. Teachers introduce routines that help guide and engage the students and create predictability to the day.

 As the children grow, we prepare them for kindergarten through fun and diverse activities. We play with letters, link   letter names and sounds, sing songs, and draw and write independently. Each day students dive into counting games,   patterning, sequencing and graphing, and other activities to develop math awareness. Children explore how the world   works through hands-on sensory activities and develop strong physical skills on the playground and in the gymnasium.   Daily art and music activities always promise noisy, messy fun and are favorites for all our children!

 From a child’s first day in preschool, to the day they leave for kindergarten, we seek to provide an environment   where compassion and kindness are paramount to all that we do, as we help our students develop self-confidence,   self-awareness and consideration to the perspective of others.