Preschool Programs   

Our classes provide lessons and activities appropriate to each child's age, stage of development and interests. Both classroom and playground environments are planned to encourage independence, cooperative play, and free time for creative and imaginative activities.  The day's activities are balanced between academic, creative and social time.   Throughout the day, our teachers work one-on-one with children and at group learning centers to explore literacy and language development, creative free art, math and science skills, creative movement and music, dramatic play and holiday and multicultural  celebrations.

When children first begin preschool, teachers focus on helping each child master self-help  skills, classroom and social skills, and increased independence.  As children gain maturity and confidence they begin to prepare for kindergarten and are introduced to:

• Pre-writing and reading skills --- Letter recognition and printing, beginning phonics and name recognition

• Pre-math skills --- Number recognition and printing, math skills through manipulatives and games, colors and shapes

• Science --- Monthly units focus on natural life cycles, chemical reactions and physics

• Fine and gross motor skills --- Daily classroom activities develop hand strength and coordination. Each day on the playground, children are encouraged to run, jump swing and climb. Physical education classes in our gymnasium focus on gross motor skills, flexibility and coordination.

Teachers document daily learning experiences throughout the year to capture growth and development. Through observation and interaction, teachers record student quotes, interests, behaviors and skills. Photos help to illustrate play and activities as students are engaged in the classroom and learning. Each day teachers send home the students' writing, art and creations.

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Class Options 2024/2025

Days/Times                                       Age                          

Tues/Thurs   8:30-11:30am         2 - 4 years old by Sept 1st 2024           

M/W/F          8:30-11:30am         3 - 4 years old by Jan 1st  2024    

M-F              8:30am-11:30am    3 - 4 years old by Sept 1st 2024           

Lunch Bunch

* Lunch Bunch is offered Monday through Friday 11:30am-1:30pm. Students must be 3 years old and potty trained. Children bring a lunch to school, stay and eat with their friends and enjoy a “mini” class day of arts & crafts, playground time, stories and music.  Lunch Bunch tuition is $15/day or $70/week. Please sign up at least one day in advance.