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Westwood Club
17394 W. Bernardo Drive
San Diego, CA, 92127
The Westwood Club is the hub and HOA of the Westwood community in Rancho Bernardo, CA. We provide a wide range of recreational facilities, activities, amenities and services for our residents of all ages and their guests. There is something for everyone at the Westwood Club!
Please explore this website to find out what is going on at the club. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Hours: 8am-10pm
Summer Day Camp
Architectural Approval Application
Upcoming Events
Info on how to be a part of the club.
Ballots were sent to homes in WW11, WW12, WW13, WW14, WW16, QH1, QH2, QH3, D1, D2 and D3. The majority of this area is the Northern portion of the community. This area represents over 700 of the homes in Westwood or approximately one third of the community. The election is an amendment to extend the CC&Rís for an additional 10 years. There are no other changes or amendments at this time. If you received a Ballot your vote is important. Each Ballot contained a stamped return address envelope. Please be sure to complete the upper portion of the outer envelope and return it to the Westwood Club no later than September 24th.
Recently there were rumors circulating the community regarding the Election to amend the CC&Rís in WW11, WW12, WW13, WW14, WW15, WW16, Dorado 1, Dorado 2, Dorado 3, Quail Hills 1, Quail Hills 2 and Quail Hills 3 that if the amendment did not pass the Club would be sold. This is not in any way true.
All the CC&Rís currently have a provision that mandates Club membership. This was also found to be stated in the individual sample grant deeds that the Clubís legal team reviewed. The deeds also stated that the membership conveys to future owners with the Grant Deed.
What could be in question are the remaining passages of the CC&Rís and how each of those provisions would or could be enforced if the amendment was not to pass.
The Board would like to remind members that; ďThere are additional costs and fees with each delay of the ballots being read. Each time the WW Club needs to send another reminder postcard, delay the ballots being counted at a scheduled open meeting, consult with our legal counsel, etc., the costs continue to increase. We ask EVERY resident affected by this vote to PLEASE VOTE. We want to give all homeowners who reside in these sections the opportunity to vote.Ē
The Board at their August 26th meeting voted to extend the voting period until September 24th at 7pm. If you have any questions or need a provisional ballot please contact Steve or Reed at 858-485-6300.