Landscaping Reminder



A Friendly Reminder about Landscaping

The drought causes all of us to change the way we think about watering and our affection for turf. Our residents continue to look at our landscape as a primary way to cut back on our consumption. Many have successfully added drought tolerant plantings and smart irrigation systems. The Board realizes that this is not an easy task to meet the current watering restrictions, but we must also not use this as an excuse to ignore our obligation to maintain a neat, clean appearance to our homes. It is important to remember that even a stressed yard can be kept neatly trimmed and attractive. Your home may be your single greatest investment. Please maintain your home's appearance by keeping your yard trimmed. No bare slopes, did you know that there are no water restrictions for erosion control? The following excerpt was found on the City's website:

Irrigation is permitted any day at any time as follows:

1. As required by a landscape permit

2. For erosion control

3. For establishment, repair or renovation of public use fields for schools and parks

4. For landscape establishment following a disaster