Preschool science


 Children 3 1/2 - 5 years of age

  Pandas: Mon/Wed/Fri 8:45am-11:45am

  Giraffes: Mon/Wed/Fri 11:15am-2:15pm

  Busy Bees: Tues/Thurs 8:45am-11:45am

  Children who attend 5 days a week are registered in both the Pandas or Giraffes and the Busy Bees classes.

  The Pandas, Giraffes and Busy Bees classes are designed for children 3 1/3 to 5 years of age. We understand      that at this age, the impact of cultivating strong social and emotional skills is far reaching. We strive to provide    our students with tools and experiences to develop self-awareness, sensitivity to the perspective of others, and    empathetic behaviors. We take into account the uniqueness each child brings to the classroom and celebrate      our differences. Our Prekindergarten staff is nurturing, loving and helps to create an environment where         compassion and kindness are integrated into all that we do.

We help children prepare for kindergarten through many fun and diverse activities. We offer students an opportunity to play with letters, link letter names and sounds, sing songs, and draw and write independently. Each day students dive into counting games, patterning, sequencing and graphing, and other activities to develop math awareness. Children explore how the world works through hands-on sensory activities in science, and continue to develop strong physical skills in the gymnasium. Daily art and music activities always promise noisy messy fun and are favorites for all our children!